What is Pi Day? Pi day is a day for celebrating the number pi. Pi isn't a number now is it? It's a word, but the word pi stands for a number. The number is commonly known as 3.14, but there are more numbers to it, a lot of numbers to it.

A little about Pi

Pi has been around for 250 years. It has been used for many math problems and is the key to finding the area of a circle. It is the mathematical constant and a irrational number. A irrational number is a number that can't be known as repeating decimal. The symbol for pi (π) was started in Greek. It slowly developed it's symbol over the years.

Not many people used to use pi back in the day. Leonhard Euler was the person who introduced pi to society through his work in 1736. Many scientist and mathematician's used pi before him, but never publicized it.

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