About Our Organization

The Center for a Reasoning Society works to fulfill its mission by working towards these specific goals: 
  • Creating a nurturing place for those who prefer reason as the basis of personal decisions.
  • Encouraging people, institutions, and societies to use reason to improve their priorities and assumptions.
  • Engaging in humanitarian efforts of charity and volunteer work to improve  ourselves and to make the world a better place.
  • Acknowledge the works of individuals and institutions that show leadership in the use of reason to the benefit of society.
  • Provide resources that assist people, institutions, and society in using reason more effectively to set priorities, define goals, understand issues, resolve conflicts, and perform self-assessment.
  • To research and present the intellectual and cultural traditions of the world in a way that promotes rational thought, inspiring personal vision, and a coherent perspective.
Center for a Reasoning Society works to achieve these aims through several efforts including humanitarian work, local chapters, Special Interest Groups, the Citizen of the Word club, and other efforts.  You can also find out about the people that have inspired us in history by going to our Great Contributors Page.  It's surely an incomplete list, but a tradition worth studying.  Suggestions are welcome.

See our FAQs for more info.  Find out about our special Pi Day Event at Fort Carson's Grant Library where we'll be offering inspiring math, science and reasoning activities for soldiers and their families.

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