Ken Thompson Memorial Tournament

Congratulations to Jason Eastman for winning the 2nd Annual Kenny Thompson Bass Tournament with 17.06 pounds

Official Launch Time Is Now 10 Minutes Prior to Sunrise - All 2019 Weigh In Times are 2:00 PM

$5 Late Registration Fees Go to Club not Tournaments - Look for green light at ramp to late register at ramp

2 Day Tournament for 2019!

Our Purpose

A. To stimulate public awareness in bass fishing as a major sport.

B. To offer our State Conservation Commission our organized support and encouragement.

C. To promote full adherence to all conservation laws.

D. To detect and report all polluters and to call public and political attention to their crime.

E. To improve our skills as bass anglers through fellowship and friendly exchange of bass fishing techniques and ideas.

F. To promote and encourage youth fishing as well as respect for the environment.

G. To function as an effective link with other chapters and/or organization