Congratulations to all our state fisherman and to Bob Vaughn for making to Regionals! Way to represent guys!

Official Launch Time Is Now 10 Minutes Prior to Sunrise - All 2019 Weigh In Times are 2:00 PM

$5 Late Registration Fees Go to Club not Tournaments - Look for green light at ramp to late register at ramp

Cory McKibben

2019 Angler of The Year

With an impressive three tournament wins in a row Cory is the 2019 Angler of The Year! Congratulations Cory on an outstanding year and you've become a great addition to Cedar Valley Bass Masters!

Chase McKibben

2019 CoAngler of the Year

The combination of Cory and Chase McKibben in 2019 was a force to be reckoned with. Three wins in a row and a worst finish of 5th place overall brought home the Co-AOY honors for Chase.

Both Cory and Chase were excellent sportsman throughout the year offering tips and advise to anyone who asked. As with Cory, Chase is an excellent angler and an outstanding addition to Cedar Valley Bassmasters!

Congratulation Chase and we can't wait to see the dual for the top spot again next year. Well done gentleman, well done!

Our Purpose

A. To stimulate public awareness in bass fishing as a major sport.

B. To offer our State Conservation Commission our organized support and encouragement.

C. To promote full adherence to all conservation laws.

D. To detect and report all polluters and to call public and political attention to their crime.

E. To improve our skills as bass anglers through fellowship and friendly exchange of bass fishing techniques and ideas.

F. To promote and encourage youth fishing as well as respect for the environment.

G. To function as an effective link with other chapters and/or organization