Tuesday Night BIG Bass Tournament are up and running, click the link to the left to find the schedule and results.

     Congratulations to Jim Mastain 
     and Paul Herron on winning the 
     2014 Angler of the Year awards

Mike Everett and Andy Sommerfelt win the final 
club event at Pool 10. 
 They also had the big bass at 4.00 pounds.

Eric Johnston and Adam Farmer win at Pool 11.  
Shown holding the 4.89 pound Big Bass of the event.

Congrats to the top 5 in the 
Tuesday Night Big Bass Tournaments:
1st- Corey Hines
2nd- Matt Vlasik    3rd- Randy Hines   4th- Jeremy Scoles
5th- Mike Wilson    Full results HERE

ALL club meetings will be held at Lofty's in Evansdale.  Meetings begin at 7pm, see the schedule on the left of website for meeting dates. 

***June 7th: Pool 10***
1st- Andy/Becky Sommerfelt                11.19#
2nd- Mike/Donna Everett                       9.78#
3rd- Kenny/Pat Thompson                     3.45#
4th- Greg/Mary Seitz                              2.25#
5th- Mike/Jane Benning                         1.53#
6th- Paul/Julie Herron                            1.46#
7th- Jim/Rhonda Mastain                        1.38#

Congratulations to Trent Beier 
and Todd Reed on winning the 
2013 Angler of the Year awards


July 13th, 2013 Powder Puff Results at Lansing, IA
1st- Becky/Andy Sommerfelt        10.56#
2nd- Donna/Mike Everett              10.54#
3rd- Aubrey/Eric Johnston            9.79#
4th- Rhonda/Jim Mastain                 3.75# 
5th- Mary/Greg Seitz                        1.67#
6th- Sara/Joel Cox                            1.53#
**Big Bass: Team Mastain    3.75#

Congratulations to Cedar Valley Bassmaster Greg Seitz on winning the 2012 Iowa BASS Federation Spring Tournament.
Greg had a two day winning weight of 28.31#  and had Big Bass of the tournament with 5.37.

Congratulations to 2012 Angler and Co-Angler of the year 
Jim Mastain and Paul Herron

Our Purpose

A.  To stimulate public awareness in bass fishing as a major sport.

B.  To offer our State Conservation Commission our organized support and encouragement.

C.  To promote full adherence to all conservation laws.

D.  To detect and report all polluters and to call public and political attention to their crime.

E.  To improve our skills as bass anglers through fellowship and friendly exchange of bass fishing techniques and ideas.

F.  To promote and encourage youth fishing as well as respect for the environment.

G.  To function as an effective link with other chapters and/or organizations



August 20, 2012

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