About Us

Cedar Valley Bassmasters - Come Join Us!

The Cedar Valley Bassmasters is a group of sportsmen who share a passion for fishing. We enjoy the friendship and competition that comes from chasing bass. We send teams to the Iowa BASS Nation State tournaments each year. The six club tournaments throughout the year provide an opportunity to learn and refine our bass fishing skills. The club is open to all anglers, whether they own a boat or not. Cedar Valley Bassmasters is committed to spreading the passion of fishing, sportsmanship and the art of angling to any and all who want to learn. Come see us at our monthly meeting to learn more.

We are currently looking for new members, please attend a meeting to learn more and join.

2020 Cedar Valley Bassmasters Officers

President - Vice President - Derick Niedert Treasurer - Dan Kelly Secretary -

2020 Fish Committee

Chairman - Jacob Meester Co-Chairman - Jeff Heinze

State Representative Joe Bagsby