Ancestry of Joseph Fiennes, Actor

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Joseph Fiennes, the actor, descends from Richard Cecil, and is also of royal descent, his shortest path being to James IV, King of Scotland

Ahnentafel of Joseph Fiennes, actor
Joseph Fiennes, actor

1 Joseph Fiennes, actor
Joseph Alberic Fiennes was born 27 May 1970 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, the son of Mark Fiennes and his wife Jini Fiennes the novelist.  He has a fraternal twin brother Jacob.  He is the younger brother of actor Ralph Fiennes.  The family moved to West Cork, Ireland, where he was brought up.

In 2009 he married Maria Dolores Dieguez, they have two children.

Genealogics cites Burke's (1999) while cites Burke's (2003)

2 Mark Fiennes; photographer, illustrator
Mark Fiennes was born 11 Nov 1933 at Dalton, Northumberland as the eldest child of Maurice Alberic Fiennes and his wife Sylvia Joan Finlay.  He became a farmer.  On 14 Apr 1962 he married novelist Jini Fiennes, at Lothingland, co Suffolk.  They had six biological children, and one foster son.  Late in life he became a photographer, and then also an illustrator.  He died 30 Dec 2004 at Clare, co Suffolk; of an undisclosed cause.  His obituary was printed in The Independent, London.

3 Jennifer Anne Mary Alleyne Lash aka Jini Fiennes , writer
Jennifer Lash was born 27 Feb 1938 at Chichester, co Sussex, the daughter of Brigadier Henry Alleyne Lash and his wife Joan Mary Moore.  She became a writer.  On 14 Apr 1962 at  Lothingland, co Suffolk, she married farmer Mark Fiennes.  They had six biological children, and one foster one.  She died at Odstock, co Wilt; from breast cancer.

4 Maurice Alberic Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, industrialist; Knt

5 Sylvia Joan /Finlay/
6 Henry Alleyne /Lash/ , Brigadier
7 Joan Mary /Moore/
8 Alberic Arthur /Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes/, SJ4#13
9 Gertrude Theodosia /Colley/, SJ4#13
16 Wingfield Stratford /Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes/ SJ4#12
17 Alice Susan /Yorke/
18 Henry FitzGeorge Pomeroy /Colley/
19 Elizabeth I. /Wingfield/ SJ4#12
32 Frederick Benjamin Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, 16th Lord /Saye/ and Sele
33 Emily /Wingfield/
36 George Francis Pomeroy /Colley/
37 Frances /Trench/
38 William /Wingfield/
39 Elizabeth /Kelley/

66 Richard Wingfield, 4th Viscount /Powerscourt/ 1788-; DY224E3#15
67 Isabella /Brownlow/; SJ4#10

76-77 are this same couple 66-67