Ancestry of Desmond Leslie

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Desmond Leslie, co-authored a book on flying saucers with George Adamski
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Desmond is a descendent of Richard Cecil.

Desmond Arthur Peter /Leslie/ born 1921
John Randolph Shane /Leslie/ , Knt and 3rd Bnt born 1885
John /Leslie/ , Knt and 2nd Bnt born 1857
Constance Wilhelmina Frances /Dawson-Damer/ born 1826/42 died 1925
Mary Georgianna Emma /Seymour/ born 1777/1801 died 1848
Anne Horatio /Waldegrave/ 1762-1801
James Waldegrave, 2nd Earl /Waldegrave/ (1715-1763)
Mary /Webb/ (1695-1719)
Barbara /Belasyse/ born 1663/79, died 1740
Anne /Paulet/ born 1634/65, buried 11 Sep 1694 St Giles in the Fields, co Mdx
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