Current members

Doyeon Kim

3/2016~ M.S. - Ph.D. course

Polar climate and amplification

Hanjun Kim

3/2017~ M.S. - Ph.D. course

Cause of the tropical mean-state bias in climate models

Doseok Lee

3/2021~ M.S. - Ph.D. course

Global climate pattern to radiative bias

Former members

Yechul Shin (Ph.D. 2/2022): Postdoc at POSTECH, Korea

Jiheung Lee (M.Sc. 2021): Ph.D. Student at University of Reading, UK

Chanyoung Park (M.Sc. 2021)

Jiyeong Kim (M.Sc. 2020): National Institute of Meteorological Sciences

Kiwoong Park (M.Sc. 2019): Weather Wing

Jeongbin Seo (M.Sc. 2016): K-water

Yoojeong Chae (M.Sc. 2015): Korea Meteorological Administration