Our Mission

Catholic Youth Rural Outreach (C.Y.R.O.) is a multi-parish youth ministry program developed to serve the junior high and high school youth of the Catholic parishes of Risen Christ, Kalispell; St. Matthew's, Kalispell; Saint Richard's, Columbia Falls; and Saint Pope John Paul II, Bigfork. C.Y.R.O. coordinates all elements of an area-wide vision of “Total Youth Ministry” in association and collaboration with staff and volunteers in the participating Parishes. It creates youth ministry opportunities both inside and outside the regular confines of individual parish models. C.Y.R.O. provides weekly bible studies for each region along with attendance each month at the weekly youth groups of the Parishes. Larger events are also coordinated to bring the youth from the respective parishes together to grow in their relationship with Christ, gain and foster friendships and have a ton of fun in the process (see events page for a list of all the events and dates).

Catholic Youth Rural Outreach's mission is to instill three main topics into the Catholic youth through a variety of ways while insuring that the eight ministry components of Renewing the Vision (USCCB Document on Youth Ministry) are developed with their specific youth ministry program.

1. Helping our youth to develop a personal relationship with our Lord and to understand His infinite, life giving love He has for each one of them.

2. Helping our youth to develop a love and understanding of the Sacraments of the Church and the importance of these while also developing the importance of prayer and reading God’s Word in their everyday lives.

3. Instilling in our youth the concept of “Love of Others”. Forming the idea that our lives are not about ourselves but about others and the measure with which we give of ourselves will measure our true happiness and meaning in life. Helping our youth to understand what spreading God’s love to others looks like in their everyday lives.

Check out the different parts of this website and the cool events to come! Whether you are a youth member or a parent, there is involvement opportunities so don’t wait! Feel free to get a hold of me at any time (see youth coordinator page).

May the peace of Christ be with all of you,

Fred Woelkers (C.Y.R.O. Coordinator)