Other Interests

Belfast Murals & Graffiti

Extramural Activity — "Life In Belfast As Represented On Its Walls", a blog of murals, boards, stencils, street art, graffiti, and flyers tracking the political situation and life generally.
The Murals Map — My (ongoing) attempt to pinpoint all of the murals, past and present, in the north of Ireland, along with lots of graffiti, street art, and scenes.


For info on ultimate in Norfolk/VB, go to the Tidewater Ultimate web site.

For a game near you, check the website of USA Ultimate

For a brief video explaining the game, check out Ultimate 101

Disc Golf

Find a course near you at Disc Golf Course Review.
A brief video explaining the game.


For twelve years (1994-2006) I ran OLGA - the On-Line Guitar Archive. OLGA was a thing of great beauty, dating back to the pre-web internet (1992) and Usenet. It was a communal, entirely volunteer, money-free, endeavor. (Here's a screen-shot of the home page from 2005.) It was mirrored around the world (here's a list from the mid-90s) and so successful that it was forced out of existence by music publishers. (Here's the one that broke the camel's back.) But you can still find the OLGA files on-line: the archive's 33,000 files at the time of its shuttering are the basis of every tab archive on the web. 

My own favorite music is roots rock and alternative country, which express, um, the desire of urban-dwellers to resist the anonymity of economic atomism. Whatever that is. Check out these tunes by  Kathleen Edwards,  Tim Easton,  Richmond Fontaine,  Slaid Cleaves,  Steve Earle,  Tift Merritt,  Gillian Welch & David Rawlings,  Ryan Adams,  Adam Carroll,  AJ Roach,  James McMurtry. You can see what I've been listening to on my Last.fm page

While at the University of Puget Sound for a year I had a radio show called "The Open Road". At right is a picture of me in the booth at KUPS Tacoma. That sweater will be back in style any year now ...