Upcoming Shows

I am currently on sabbatical in Venice, Italy, so will not actively be booking shows for the time being. However, feel free to contact me and see if a date dovetails with a visit home.

Past Shows

May 17 was another special evening, a house concert at the home of Devra Davis, National Book Award Finalist author of When Smoke Ran Like Water.  The stories of her hometown provided the inspiration for the lyrics of the title track of my CD, A Rumor in the Mill. Devra spoke about the true story of the Donora Smog and the personal toll it took on her family. In this steel mill town, the pollution was so thick, the sun did not seem to shine for days at a time and the odor was acrid, but to those whose jobs depended on it, "it smelled like money."  Find out about new frontiers in cancer prevention and environmental awaremess from Devra's non-profit Environmental Health Trust (EHT).

My CD Release in February was a true celebration of love, music, and community! Thanks to the Institute of Musical Traditions for sponsoring, my fabulous musician friends for playing -- Tom Espinola on mandolin; Kristen Jones on cello; Pam Beecroft, Rick and Audrey Engdahl, Wendy Lanxner and LEA on backing vocals; Nick Smiley on bass, and drum lady Kristen Arant. I am honored to have the support of such talented and beautiful people!
Some highlights are now available on Youtube, thanks to IMT.