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Lonesome George

It's not easy to be one of a kind
It's not easy - you could slowly lose your mind
As a castaway in a sea of despair
It's not easy when no one else is there 

Lonesome George, Lonesome George
Lonesome George, Lonesome George
Waits for someone to swim ashore
Lonesome George, Lonesome George

It was eden in great granddaddy's eyes
It was eden, an island paradise
'Til the men sailed in and took over the land
Leaving George with an inheritance of sand

Lonesome George… 

Over centuries they crawled along
Til one by one they were gone
But George, Lonesome George… 

It's not easy though their intentions may be kind
It's not when your type hard to find
When the girls next door seem a species apart
It's not easy to force love upon a heart

Lonesome George…