Carolyn Fischer is a singer/songwriter known for pairing powerful, intelligent lyrics with a clear voice and layered arrangements of harmonies and acoustic instruments. 

Her songwriting reflects an itinerant nature and curiosity about the world, combined with a folk musician's love of storytelling. Her music is not rooted in any particular place or style, much like herself. She grew up on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line and the 49th parallel, and draws influences from an eclectic mix spanning the likes of Joni Mitchell, Sheryl Crow, and Emmylou Harris. 

She is currently based in the Washington, DC area, where her professional life is devoted to environmental policy. Her songwriting draws inspiration from life and work, with a healthy dose of NPR moments. The songs invariably are born of an idea and then seem to write themselves. Under the Album page, you can read dedications that hint at the stories behind the songs and find links to lyrics.

Her debut CD of original songs, “A Rumor in the Mill,” was produced by Tom Espinola, a renowned mandolin and guitar player, and features his multi-instrumentalist talents. It was released in 2014 in Takoma Park, Maryland, with a concert sponsored by The Institute of Musical Traditions. Three songs from the album were honored by the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest of 2014.