What is Counselling?

'There are always flowers for those who want to see them.'  Henri Matisse.

If you’re interested in exploring yourself, then counselling is for you. 

Come to counselling if you feel that talking through difficult life experiences (such as relationship difficulties, depression, stress, poor self-esteem, or anxiety) and times of transition (such as career change, menopause, bereavement or trauma) might be helpful.  

Counselling gives you the space and time to explore whatever is concerning or troubling you, and to consider possible solutions.  You'll not be judged or told what to do, because counselling isn't about giving advice.  Counselling will help you find the best answer for you, to help you deal with an issue.

Talking it through with a counsellor can help to develop your self-awareness, and your insight into how you relate to yourself, and to those around you.  Counselling can help bring about personal growth and change, which has a positive impact on your ability to understand yourself, deal with issues, and relate to others.

Counselling is not about changing you into something that you are not.  It is successful when you feel that you have become more like the real YOU.

Here's some other useful explanations of counselling, from two services where I have been a part-time counsellor: