Carl and Judy

Carl is a retired former CTO for a software company. Now, he is now a grandfather, reader, writer, etc. He did some fishing back earlier - but then gave up meat and fish. No point in bothering the poor little things, he says now. He spends fair amount of time volunteering -- Habitat for Humanity, Guardian Angels Sister Parish, and some advisory boards. He also meddles with computers a lot, and buys more books than he reads.

He has been a member of our local city council, and also on the planning commission. He chaired an effort for a bond referendum for public parks and open space, and worked on affordable housing.

He's also writing -- working on the family memoirs, stories, and essays on "the meaning of life". His latest efforts have to do with economics and culture and development, neuroscience and "what is wrong with people" politics. If you are fascinated by those ideas - take a look at his blog:"

Judy is a retired pastoral care minister and manager at our local church. She worked to feed the poor and clothe the naked as it were. She is also retired. Judy spent many years as a volunteer Guardian Ad Litem for children. It was a very demanding but rewarding effort to represent the interests of some children who are at risk.

Judy also tracks the weather of each of the places where our children live, reads novels and every word of the daily newspaper. She is immensely well organized, and also extremely caring and thoughtful. She also volunteers at our local hospital and church. And she always listens, even to Carl's ramblings.

Our Kids

We have 5 kids as you can see. They came to us in various ways - but they are all our kids, and we love them very much.

This is an old picture - a couple of them live at a distance, and we have not all been together for some time! But . . . they still look pretty much like this! They all got a 4 year college degree - and several have gone of to advanced degrees in various disciplines. We are quite proud of them - but they did it - not us. As I generally say, "not my fault".


We enjoy traveling a bit - as our finances allow. The pictures below are just a few of the places we have been. A work in progress! Well, all right - I never got around to putting in the pictures. The Africa trip was the most amazing. Nicaragua too. Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan.