CAPSPDNOW Technology for Administrators

The series includes three topics and a follow-up session!

Join your fellow administrators for a series of online conversations about how to get teachers onboard the technology train.  This series explores how technology can be used to support teacher growth and student learning outcomes while addressing school and district goals and objectives for technology integration.  

Webinar 1: Challenges and Change

Explore common and shared challenges, beliefs, and mindsets about technology integration.
Discuss existing professional growth models and autonomous learning opportunities for teachers that support technology integration.
Identify teacher and student outcomes for the successful integration of technology.

Webinar 2: Practices for Capacity Building

Reflect on successful practices that are being used to build teacher capacity for technology integration.
Learn about existing models for technology training and support.
Strategize about how technology integration can be linked to other key initiatives.

Webinar 3: Strategic Planning for Success

Address core beliefs that support technology.
Identify the key stakeholder interests and create linkages.
Plan technology integration strategies that support the strategic priorities and implement them at your school or in your district.

Webinar 4: Follow-up Session

Bring any of your questions and issues that may have arisen now that you have had the opportunity to implement these strategies on your campus.

Presented by Dr. Don Matthews, Academic Psychologist and Learning Specialist.