Friday Night Racing

From the last Friday in May through the last Friday in September, we organize friendly Friday Night Races on the Magothy River. Every boat is different (so we use handicaps based on the PHRF system to make it more equal), from a 18-foot pocket cruiser to a 40-foot cruising yacht… we even enter an occasional Hobie 16 or other dinghy. The goal is not so much to win, as it is to have another reason to go sail with our friends of the Yacht Club.

There is no additional cost to YCCSC members (including MRSA and GYIS) to race but we do ask that participants volunteer to be the racing committee boat at least once per season (and earn extra points for that!). We need volunteers for the Race Committee, we "even" welcome non-racers as well as non-sailors (i.e., motor-boaters). It is easy; directions are written and easy to follow (see below). Anyone can do it!  Please contact me directly at to sign up.

Races start at 7:00 PM (and 6:30 PM in September), and last typically one hour.  We also want to keep it easy, so headsail changes are not allowed (in particular, no spinnaker).  There is no need to know about racing rules (we just want to have fun; low-key is the word!), and we do not entertain protests .  Couples and parents with children, friends and the like come out to try their hands at rounding the buoys in some semblance of order. It is a wonderful way to get out on your boat, enjoy a sunset, shake the work week out of your system and maybe earn some bragging rights on the way. 

So, join us on Friday nights! Just show up, find the Race Committee boat (flying a "RC" flag). Check-in with the Race Committee, find out about the course, and get ready for the start. The results are published weekly on this web site.

2023 Race Schedule and Results:

2023 race schedule.xlsx