Race Info

The race is held on Sandy Neck Beach in Barnstable, MA. 
The course consists of two 15.5 mile figure eight loops.  The first loop is around 5 miles and the second loop is around 10.  Each loop runs along the beach, through some sand dunes, and along a marsh trail.  Parts of the trails can be wet or frozen or both, depending on the tides.  The race is scheduled according to the tides to give the runners the driest course (results not guaranteed). 
The aid station/race headquarters is stationed in the main parking lot in the center of the figure eight, so the runners will pass it at miles 5, 15, 20 and at the finish.
There will be food and drinks for the runners, and all finishers will recived a special Frozen Fat Ass Quahog shell!
FYI: This race is held on Cape Cod in the middle of the winter.  The weather can be anything from Sunny with temperatures in the 40's to freezing rain or snow with temperatures well below freezing.  Parts of the course are very open and exposed to the elements, and even those areas that are partially sheltered can be pretty rough.
There have been occasions when the sand has been quite firm and packed and easy to run on.  However, those occasions were notable as an exception to the rule.
This is not a race for wussies.