Zoning Cases by year 2004-2017

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2017 15 Rezoning cases (Z-11, Z-21, Z-50/S10, Z-71, Z-87, Z-83 were significant). Variance Marietta V2017-22 and Appeal were also significant. Other cases: Z-18, Z-20, Z-29, Z-30, Z-72, OB 009.

2016 Our zoning caseload (15) was about average with 9 Rezoning, 4 Other Business and two Variance cases.

At least four cases, 3 rezonings and 1 variance, were significant. Z-21,V-70, Z-80, OB 77, Z-95

2015 12 cases:

Z-20, Z-33, Z-81, Z-83, Z-90, Z-95, Z-24, Z-32, Z-55, OBI 20, OBI 38 and OBI 39.