Contact CRN   678-310- 6395 

Link to Canton Road Neighbors Archive 2005-2017

The archives contain documents, photographs and a history of CRN activities over the past decade.

Brown Consulting 

Available in Cobb outside of Canton Corridor.  Land Use, Zoning Analysis, Zoning Procedure, Research and Presentations.

Cobb Government contact list

Board of Commissioners contact information Main number 770 528 3300

Mike Boyce, Chairman 770-528- 3305    Assistant Millie Rogers

JoAnn Birrell Dist 3 770-528 3317     Assistant Inger Eberhart

Lisa Cupid District 4 SW Cobb 770-528-3312

Bob Ott District 2 SE Cobb 770-528-3316

Keli Gambrill NW Cobb Dist 1 770-528-3313

Planning Commission

Judy Williams Dist 3 and Planning Commission Chairperson

Skip Gunther At-large

Galt Porter Dist 4 SW Cobb

Andy Smith Dist 2 SE Cobb

Fred Beloin District 1 NW Cobb