Contact CRN   678-310- 6395 

Link to Canton Road Neighbors Archive 2005-2017

The archives contain documents, photographs and a history of CRN activities over the past decade.

Brown Consulting Enterprises - Available in Cobb outside of Canton Corridor.  Land Use, Zoning Analysis, Zoning Procedure, Research and Presentations.

678-310- 6395

Cobb Government contact list

Board of Commissioners contact information Main number 770 528 3300

Mike Boyce, Chairman 770-528- 3305    Assistant Millie Rogers

JoAnn Birrell Dist 3 770-528 3317     Assistant Inger Eberhart

Lisa Cupid District 4 SW Cobb 770-528-3312

Bob Ott District 2 SE Cobb 770-528-3316

Bob Weatherford NW Cobb Dist 1 770-528-3313 until December 31, 2018

Commissioner-elect Keli Gambrill Dist 1 January 2019

Planning Commission

Judy Williams Dist 3 and Planning Commission Chairperson

Skip Gunther Dist 1 NW Cobb

At large Planning Commissioner Vacant 

Galt Porter Dist 4 SW Cobb

Andy Smith Dist 2 SE Cobb