• February 6th Planning Commission Zoning meeting - Z-83 Hawkins Store R-20 to R-12 Consent Recommended for approval
  • February 14, (Wednesday,1 pm) Board of Zoning Appeals, V-11 Approved 5-0, V-8 1031 Powell Wright, waive side and rear setbacks for 1,024 sq ft accessory building to store 5 cars Approved 5-0, V-12 Held until March
  • February 20th Board of Commissioners Zoning meeting 9:00 am Z- 83 Loyd Development Services Hawkins Store Rd, Approved on Consent 5-0
     Z-87 Petroplex 2120 Canton Rd, HELD until March 20

  • March - 20 BoC Zoning 9 am: Other Business 11 Letsos renew Used Car Sales, Canton and Westerly Way Denied, Z-87 PetroPlex 2120 Canton Approved on Consent.

  • April - Other Business 15 Amend site plan E. Piedmont at Morgan

  • May - No rezoning cases CRN area                                                                                                      

Zoning Cases 2017

November Z-71 Loyd Development Svc, R-20, O&I to RA-5, Hilltop Dr & Hilltop Cir.   Withdrawn without prejudice

Z-72  Loyd Development Svc, R-20 to RA-5,  Lee Waters Rd.  .5 acre addition to Logan Park, approved on consent

December  Planning Commission Dec 5,  9 am,  BoC Zoning Dec 19,  9 am

Z-83 Loyd Development Svc, R-20 to RA-5, DELETED to R-12  4.66 acres Hawkins Store Rd  HELD UNTIL FEBRUARY PLANNING COMMISSION                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Z-87 Petroplex Joint Venture LLC, GC to NRC, 2120 Canton Hwy, "Kitchen and Cabinet showroom",  "existing (building) to remain". RECOMMENDATION TO DELETE REZONING TO LOW RISE OFFICE WITH ADDITIONAL STIPULATIONS   APPLICANT TO REQUEST CONTINUANCE UNTIL FEBRUARY 2018 BoC ZONING MEETING.