Lay Canossian 在俗會

History Our Foundress, St. Magdalene of Canossa, was moved by the Holy Spirit to form a "Tertiary Group" of lay people to share the spirituality of the Sons & Daughters of Charity from the very beginning of the Institute.

The "Statutes of the Canossian Collaborators" was approved by the Church on 1st May, 1950. This is the first recorded name for the Lay Canossians.

The new name "Lay Canossians" was initiated in 1990 after XII General Chapter of the Institute.


Institute The "Lay Canossian Association" is part of the extended Canossian Family which includes the Sisters, the Fathers, the Secular Missionaries and the various Lay Canossian groups. The "Lay Canossians" are an International Catholic Association; a group of lay persons called to share the charismatic gift of the "perfection of charity" according to the understanding that Magdalene of Canossa had of the Paschal Mystery.

The "Lay Canossians" are scattered in all parts of the world, and they have their Central Office in Rome.




Hong Kong

There are 4 local groups of Lay Canossians in Hong Kong: 嘉諾撒在俗會(香港)現有四個地區協調組:

Magdalene Group 瑪大肋納組

Sacred Heart Group 聖心組

Caritas Group 明愛組

Bakhita Group 柏姬達組

Humility Group 謙仁組

The Lay Canossian Day, the Annual Pilgrimage, Formation Talks and the Annual Retreat, as well as the monthly meetings, are some of the activities which facilitate the unity, communion and formation of the groups and enhance the spirituality of its members.

"Lay Canossians" walk hand in hand with the Canossian Sisters in serving the society as "Servants of the Poor" in evangelization, pastoral care and education.



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