Our Story

The Campus Roots Garden Club (Lethbridge, AB) was founded 2008 as a community garden for students and staff affiliated with the University of Lethbridge. In 2010, the University entered into an agreement in principle with the City of Lethbridge to develop the campus garden into a community garden serving the residents of Lethbridge. As a result, the Club revised its bylaws to become the Campus Roots Community Garden Association.

Our Vision

The Cooperative seeks to enrich the lives of its members through increased awareness and education on a number of levels, including nutrition, sustainability, environmental respect, and basic agricultural production, while encouraging the development of a well-grounded sense of community on the University of Lethbridge campus.
The Cooperative’s secondary purpose is to be of benefit to the University community by offering a forum where community member can learn from each other about sustainable, organic, local level agricultural production.


  • Pest & Weed Control                                                       

  • General & Irrigation Maintenance

  • Orchard Care, Upgrades & Soil Amendments

  • Website, Events & Fundraising

Board Members 2018                                                                                                 Bylaws

President: vacant                                                               
Vice-President (Acting President): Darren Sitter                                                       Here is a copy of our most current Bylaws.
Treasurer: Pat Hodd
Membership Coordinator: Janine Nixon
Secretary: Jana Mackenzie                                               
Board member: Danielle Fiddler
Board member: Penny Pickle                                                                                        Meeting Minutes
Board member: --VACANT--
Board member: --VACANT--                                                                                       Click Here to see Board of Directors Minutes
Board member: --VACANT--                                                                                        Click Here to see AGM Minutes


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