New Property Booking Procedures

All of Scouts Canada's properties are now under a new centralized management group under Scouts Canada National Headquarters in Ottawa. A new "Properties Management Group" was formed by Scouts Canada, All provincial Councils and Territories were relived of their responsibilities for properties in their councils and the new properties management group became responsible for all Scouts Canada Properties.

While all properties were shut down for Covid-19, new rules/regulations/policies and procedures were developed by this new team and will be applied to all properties equally. Working with the current property mangers for each property, each property must comply with the new standards or they will not be given permission to reopen.

As well a new website was created by the management group for booking all properties, a centralized single point of contact website for booking any property with Scouts Canada. This new website is called "Doubleknot" and can be found on the Scouts Canada national website. All properties must be on the new booking website or will not be able to reopen. All non-scouting/3rd party groups will have to pay applicable provincial and federal taxes, all payments must be made during the booking process by credit card to complete the booking and there will be an applicable user fee.

This new system is not well known yet to all the groups across Canada as well as 3rd party groups. Being a new system expect some hiccups in the system until the bugs get worked out. To date very few properties have received permission to reopen.

Booking Camp Sagonaska

  1. Go to Scouts Canada website ""

  2. On the second bar click on "Camps"

  3. Next click on the "Doubleknot" tutorial

  4. Go on to "Doubleknot", select the property and follow the prompts to complete booking

Camp Sagonaska is currently closed until permission to reopen has been received