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Service Information

Bobs Portable Toilets (613-968-9616)
Will supply, service and pick-up any number of portable toilets to meet your needs.

Zeebedee Container Service (613-968-8302)
Will supply and pickup a container for all of your garbage needs.

Quinte Waste Solutions (613-394-6266)
Will supply, service and pick-up containers for all your recycling needs. This includes all metal cans and lids, plastic containers, cardboard and paper items only. In the past this has been cost free.

St.John Ambulance Brigade (613-967-2098)
Will provide 24 hour medical coverage for your event with an ambulance on site if needed. In return the supervisor and cadets camp for free and meals are provided for the brigade members.

Value Mart (Grocery store) Tweed (613-478-2014)
Can provide you with all your grocery needs and will deliver if required.

Kingston Tent Rentals (1-800-281-8819)
Can provide tents of any size as well as tables and chairs.