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Camp Rules

Rules of the Forest

    Please review with your group that you are in a conservation area and there are Federal/Provincial and Municipal conservations rules in effect. You are in “natures” home and must treat it with respect as you would your own home. The wildlife, trees, vegetation, water and yes even the bugs are here for your enjoyment and education. Doing any damage in this area will affect the ability of an animal, bird or insect to survive damaging or even destroying that species. Stop and Think first!


    All paper and cardboard may be burned, wastewater from cooking or washing at your campsite is to be poured into the kybo holding tanks. Wastewater from the kitchen may be poured down the sink. Recycling bins are located in the kitchen and dining hall and labelled accordingly. Recycling bins are lined with clear plastic bags. When the bins are full please take the recycling out with you. All other garbage must be taken out with you when leaving. Cold ashes from the wood stoves and camp fire pits may be scattered in the woods away from any trails as the ashes are bio-degradable.

Water Facilities

Water for the camp is supplied from a well which is spring fed. Signs are posted "Do Not Drink The Water, Has Not Been Tested". Since we have no way of connecting a UV light source to the water, Hastings County Health inspector has signed off on the signage. Water is fine for washing dishes. You may want to bring your own bottled drinking water.


    Wood in the woodshed is for the longhouse only. You may burn any wood lying on the ground in the woods. Do not cut any standing live or dead trees or strip branches from any standing trees.


    Propane facilities are inspected, serviced and maintained by Kenelly Heating yearly. Please follow posted propane instructions for safe lighting and operations.

Emergency/Evac Plan

Review the camp emergency/evacuation escape plan which is posted in all cabins, bunkhouses and dining hall.

Emergency Numbers

Camp emergency phone list, address and directions are posted on the bulleting board in the dining hall. Ensure all individuals are aware of there location.

Fire Extinguishers

These are not play toys – they may save your life! They are to be used in case of fire only (vehicle/forest fire/cooking fire). All campfires must have 3 containers of water at the campfire site when there is a campfire. Campfires are allowed at designated sites only and you must have the camp chiefs permission to have a camp fire with a fire permit completed. 

Parade Square

    This is a safe activity area. No vehicles, no digging, no campfires are allowed in the parade square.

Picnic Tables

    Treat them accordingly, ensure the picnic tables are on there ends leaned up under a tree or under the picnic shelters when leaving. The grounds need to be kept clear for grass cutting.

Camp/Propane Closing Checklist

    Please ensure that both checklists are completed and handed in with the camp keys. These checklists are for the benefit of not only yourselves but for the safety of the camp and information for the Camp Properties Manager.