Welcome to Camp Sagonaska, a youth camp operated by Scouts Canada, White Pine Council, Algonquinte Area. Camp Sagonaska puts the "OUT" back in outdoor camping. There is no indoor plumbing but the camp has hydro. All buildings are wired with LED lighting and outlets with power being supplied by the camps 4500 watt generator. There are propane services in the main building only with a potable well for water located outside the kitchen back door. This is an ideal camp for learning and developing your outdoor camping skills such as gadget making, orienteering, cooking over an open fire, hiking and star charting. The area is ideal for identifying trees, animals, plants and insects allowing the scouting and guiding community to complete and earn many badges. With the mighty Moira River located across the road bring your swim suits, canoes and fishing poles. The open football sized Parade Square/Activity Area is an excellent location for outdoor events promoting physical fitness and getting some fresh air at the same time. The camp is open year round.

    From November thru to April the main gate is closed for the winter to protect park visitors who are snowing shoeing/ cross-country skiing/horseback riding/sleding and out for a walk with their family. However groups using the camp are allowed to bring in a 4 wheeler or skidoo to bring in gear and for medical emergencies. This is a great opportunity for all to practice their back-packing skills for the short 10 minute walk/snowshoeing or crossing country ski into the camp.

    Please browse the website and all your questions should be answered, if not please feel free to contact me and I will answer any other questions that you may have.

Don Sinclair, Camp Warden