If you don't tell your story, who will?

Califa Media Publishing offers a full range of services to get YOUR words out.

We offer VERY competitive pricing as we dedicated to your success. Our focus is the production and promotion of Moorish/ Asiatic/ African American literary works. Our aim to assist you whatever way we can to get your version of our story out to our people.

Are you an aspiring author? Ready to have your work published?

Please have a look around our store and, if interested, place your order! If you're having trouble deciding your best course, please purchase one of our consultations from our Managing Editor to receive a quote. Califa Media Publishing seeks to ensure your manuscript is properly reviewed and only appropriate services recommended before purchase.

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Informational Consultation

Meeting to determine how Califa Media can assist you. Includes optional manuscript review to better gauge your needs.

If you've already made your service selection or are returning with a work request please select this option. Please select our Initial consultation to receive detailed information or to request a quote.

Private tutoring on how to institute or manage one of our services. Includes handouts/ study materials.