Excerpt from Moorish Guide Newspaper Fri. 9.28.1928

     "It is not unusual for a newspaper to make its debut in the city of Chicago.  The past years have seen many such come and many such go.  The Moorish Guide, making its initial bow to the public, knows not what future awaits it, but throwing its efforts on the sides of right, reason and tolerance, we hope that we might make the grade.  The Moorish Guide enters the field of journalism with 'malice toward none and charity to all.'  It is not our purpose to disregard the work of other splendid journals; it is not our purpose to fail to give due attention and space to all American citizens, individuals and organizations alike, who are working in their chosen fields of endeavor for the progress and development of all American citizens and all American institutions.  We hope to cooperate with them in the intensive and grueling battle for universal justice.
     The Moorish Guide feels that the greatest weapon in the hands of our group today in America is our press.  The truth will never be told about a disadvantaged minority by the general press in any country, whether that minority be racial, political or religious.  Unless we express ourselves through papers our own truth about us will not be told.  Many of our accomplishments, many of our beautiful things, many of the hopeful things and events which mark the progress of our group, would go unrecorded were it not for the papers of our own.  Our papers are our only hope of shoveling ourselves out from under the avalanche of lies that are annually let loose upon us.  'A strong free press is the best possible safeguard of the liberties and general promotion and defense of the interests of strong, free people.'"
~ Managing Editor & Editor, Moorish Guide Newspaper 1928
Califa Media is the trade mark/ name and commercial arm of the Moorish Religious & Cultural Institute, Inc., Managing Editor Sis. T. Najee-Ullah El.

The Moorish Guide Publishing Company was founded by our Prophet, Noble Drew Ali.  It was formed to create and distribute literary material in so that the people would receive correct information, and hopefully work toward correcting themselves.  Some publications issued by the Moorish Guide Publishing Co. were the Moorish Guide Newspaper, the 101 Questionnaire for Moorish Children, and the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America Circle 7.

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