Useful Online Resources

A compilation of useful online Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAM/FOAMed):

There are lots of great learning resources compiled by ultrasound gurus worldwide. These are just some of our favourite resources out there. 

Online Resources

American Society of Echocardiography Guidelines:  ASE Guidelines

5 Minute Sono:  5 Minute Sono

Echocardiographer:  Echocardiographer

EDSonoShare (Canadian Emergency Ultrasound Training Resource):  EDSONOSHARE

MGH Emergency Ultrasound Tutorials:  MGH Emergency Ultrasound

Minneapolis Abbott Northwestern Hospital Internal Medicine Bedside Ultrasound:  IMBUS - Procedural and US curriculum at UCLA:

Queens Internal Medicine Ultrasound:  Queen's IMPOCUS

Sono Guide, Ultrasound Guide for Emergency Physicians:  Sonoguide

Stanford University, Echocardiography in ICU:  Stanford University ICU Echo

SUSME, Society of Ultrasound in Medical Education:  SUSME

Toronto General Hospital Department of Anesthesia Perioperative Interactive Education (PIE) modules:  PIE

Ultrasound of the Week:  Ultrasound of the Week

Ultrasound Podcast:  Ultrasound Podcast

Ultrasound Training Solutions has a comprehensive list of online resources:  Ultrasound Training Solutions

University of Alberta Department of Critical Care:  Critical Care Ultrasound:  U of A Critical Care Ultrasound

University of Utah Periop Echo Lectures:  University of Utah

Western Sono:  Western Sono



Great Anatomy Teaching Tool: Slice function allows to slice any organ in any plane. Fantastic for teaching ultrasound.   

University of Calgary students, staff and faculty can download Here

We gratefully acknowledge Dr. Ben C. Smith,, for the development of the following Clip Deidentifier and M.mode.ify tools, and for permission to share direct links to these tools on our site.

Clip DeidentifierA tool that will crop out patient identifying information from your ultrasound clips in order to make them HIPPA compliant. Easy to use. Just drag and drop clip. Supports mp4, mov, avi, wmv, flv, and mpg files. 

                                                                                Click HERE for the Clip Deidentifier program

M.mode.ify A tool that will convert your ultrasound clip to M-mode, for use for educational purposes only).

Click HERE for the online program


Useful Apps

American Society of Echocardiography:  iASE Apps

British Society of Echocardiography:  EchoCalc (android)  EchoCalc (iTunes)

Emergency Ultrasound App by EM Apps, LLC:  Emergency Ultrasound

Emergency Ultrasound Handbook:  Emergency Ultrasound Handbook

Ohio State University POC Ultrasound Guide:  OSU POC Ultrasound Guide

One Minute Ultrasound, by Ultrasound Podcast: One Minute Ultrasound

Pocket Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound:  Pocket Atlas of Emergency Ultrasound

SonoSupport:  SonoSupport


Online Tests

ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) online exam:  ACEP EUS Exam


Homemade Simulators

Great list of phantom recipes compiled by Ultrasound Training Solutions:  DIY Ultrasound Phantoms