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Cruising the Cosmos

This book has developed out of a series of talks Valerie has presented over a number of years both to local societies and to cruise ship audiences all over the world. This is not an Astronomy textbook aimed at professionals or keen amateur astronomers. This book is aimed at a lay audience of interested readers whether they are active in astronomy or not. I have found amongst my audiences a real hunger to learn and to understand what professional physicists and astronomers are talking about. Some people just want to be able to understand their grandchildren! Many have heard of Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the Higgs Boson, Gravitational Waves and the Big Bang since these have all been in the news. But many don't really understand what these things are or why they are so important. I hope that my experience of giving presentations to intelligent but non-technical people and having to answer what they think are “simple” or “stupid” questions has given me an insight into the explanations they require. It is for you to decide whether I have succeeded. 

There are two editions of this book. Both are in colour and the content is the same. The Premium Edition is printed on thick, glossy paper with high quality images. The retail price of this is £35 including UK postage and packing. The Budget Edition is printed on thinner paper with slightly lower quality images but still good. The retail price of this is £20 inc UK p&p.

You can purchase either of these by contacting Valerie and Michel directly on valmikec@gmailcom.

Electronic Version

A Kindle version of this book is now available for £10. You can download a copy of this directly to your Kindle from Amazon. Alternatively, if you want an electronic version but not for a Kindle, then you can obtain a copy of the "ePub" file directly from us also for £10.