CAHS 2009 Convention Articles - intro

At the 2009 CAHS national convention in Belleville, I was happily conscripted to act as the "rapporteur", taking notes on the speakers' presentations and writing short articles on them for publication in the CAHS Journal, as per CAHS tradition
  This I did, spending a good part of my summer in my man cave, with my notes, a digital recorder and my Macbook.
   Off the went the articles -- and, like so many things sent to Ottawa (i.e., letters to MPs and taxes) they disappeaed.
   Why they didn't appear in the CAHS Journal I don't know. But rather than waste the effort, here they are, on the website of the Regina chapter of the CAHS.

    Here they are, in order of presentation

 1. Researching and building a replica of the Silver Dart

 2. The astonishing story of the Royal Flying Corps' training establishment in Canada 1917-18

3. The Canadian Forces use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Afghanistan

4. The Irvin Air Chute Story

5. Bringing the CC-177 Globemaster II into Canadian service