Please note these charts are only for the year 2016, and span the Google VRP, the Android Reward Program and the Chrome Reward Program.


The graph below elaborates on the traffic we process and the distribution on severity. Note this only counts submissions to our bug submission forms (not emails) in 2016.

Rewards Distribution

The graph below lays out where the money is going to according to the different reward tiers in 2016.

Rewards History

The graph below shows how the reward amounts have changed over time from 2011 to 2016.


Below you can find an interactive graph with the progression of different countries over time. Reward amounts were rounded down to the nearest thousand, and only countries with multiple researchers and multiple rewards per year are included.


The map below shows the countries to where we send rewards, where size represents the sum of all rewards sent in 2016.

Researcher survey

We sent a survey to some of our top researchers asking about frequency of bug hunting in Google and success rate. These graphs compare 2015 with 2016 (note that the 2015 survey was not sent to Chrome/Android researchers).


Success Rate