Research & funding

My preferred theoretical framework is usage-based/experience-based linguistics. My research interests all broadly fall within the remit of variationist linguistics and variation studies, including their interfaces with typology, geolinguistics, and psycholinguistics. I view linguistic variation as a window into the hidden structure of human language and the nature of linguistic knowledge. My research interests specifically include:

  • variation studies (synchronic & diachronic)

  • probabilistic grammar

  • sociolinguistics and register analysis

  • language complexity

  • geolinguistics, dialectology & dialectometry, and dialect typology

  • learner language

Grants funded

Network grants

  • Linguistic variation in postcolonial contexts (LiVaPoCo): historical, social and contact linguistic perspectives
    Scientific research network member (coordinator: Pekka Posio)
    Funded by the Una Europa seed funding scheme (funding number: SF2009, budget: €15,000)

  • Broadening the theoretical and methodological scope of translation and interpreting studies: towards an interdisciplinary language-contact framework
    FWO scientific research network member (coordinator: Gert De Sutter)
    Funded by the Research Foundation Flanders (budget: € 60.000)

  • Frontiers of Language Variety
    Scientific research network member (coordinator: John Nerbonne)
    Funded by an internationalization grant of the NWO (budget: € 22,500)