Plenaries & keynotes

(major international conferences only)
  • 2021. Title tba. Plenary lecture to be presented at the 7. Kongress der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Dialektologie des Deutschen (IGDD), Salzburg (Austria), September.
  • 2020. "How difficult is grammatical variation, really?". Keynote lecture to be presented at Grammar and Corpora 8, Cracow (Poland), November.
  • 2019. "Exploring probabilistic grammar(s) in varieties of English". Plenary lecture presented at the 8th Biennial International Conference on the Linguistics of Contemporary English (BICLCE), Bamberg (Germany), September.
  • 2019. "Variation squared". Plenary lecture presented at the 10th International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 10), Leeuwarden (Netherlands), June 
  • 2018. "Evaluating the similarity of dialect grammars: a corpus-based variationist approach". Keynote lecture presented at the "Grammar of Non-Standard Varieties in the East of the Circum-Baltic Area" conference, Tartu (Estonia), February.
  • 2017. "Eurolects: the view from variationist corpus linguistics". Keynote lecture presented at the "Eurolects: language contact and variational dynamics across European legislative corpora" conference, Rome (Italy), October.
  • 2017. "The register-specificity of variation grammars". Keynote paper presented at the theme session "Register in linguistic theory: Modeling functional variation" of the  39. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft (DGfS), Saarbrücken (Germany), March 10.
  • 2015. "Contrastive probabilistic grammar". Plenary lecture presented at Language in Contrast, Paris (France), December 5.
  • 2015. "About corpus linguistics, variation, and the variationist method". Plenary lecture presented at New Ways of Analyzing Variation (NWAV 44), Toronto (Canada), October 23.
  • 2015. "Prescriptivism versus colloquialization: the rise of relative that". Plenary lecture presented at the UK Language Variation and Change conference (UKLVC 10), York (UK), September 1.
  • 2014. "Recent advances in the corpus-based study of linguistic complexity". Plenary lecture presented at the AACL 2014, Flagstaff, Arizona (USA), September 27.
  • 2013. "Diachronic Probabilistic Grammar". Plenary lecture presented at the 2013 International Conference on English Linguistics, Seoul (Korea), July 5.