PhD students

As main supervisor:

  • Alexandra Engel (since 2018)
    The register-specificity of probabilistic grammatical knowledge in English and Dutch
    KU Leuven PhD dissertation
  • Christian Mynster Andersen (since 2018)
    Advancing grammatical variation analysis using token-based distributional semantics methods
    KU Leuven PhD dissertation
  • Benedikt Heller (defended 2018)
    Stability and fluidity in syntactic variation world-wide: the genitive alternation across varieties of English [.pdf]
    KU Leuven PhD dissertation
  • Melanie Röthlisberger (defended 2018)
    Regional variation in probabilistic grammars: A multifactorial study of the English dative alternation [.pdf]
    KU Leuven PhD dissertation
  • Katharina Ehret (defended 2016)
    An information-theoretic approach to language complexity: variation in naturalistic corpora [.pdf]
    University of Freiburg PhD dissertation
  • Ulrike Schneider (defended 2014)
    Frequency, chunks and hesitations: a usage-based analysis of chunking in English [.pdf]
    University of Freiburg PhD dissertation
  • Christoph Wolk (defended 2014)
    Integrating aggregational and probabilistic approaches to language variation [.pdf]
    University of Freiburg PhD dissertation 

As co-supervisor:

  • Jorina Brysbaert (since 2018)
    Contrastive subjects in French: a quantitative corpus analysis
    KU Leuven PhD dissertation
  • Robbert De Troij (since 2017)
    North and South, bottom to top: using big data to model syntactic variation in Belgian and Netherlandic Dutch
    KU Leuven PhD dissertation