The British Society for Social Responsibility in Science (BSSRS) was the centre of a 'radical science' movement in the 1970s. BSSRS was an influential movement among the scientific community and the general public that emerged in the early 1970's. More on background

Many of its members are prominent thinkers and campaigners whose influence continues today. Understanding BSSRS is important to understanding science, politics and society in the last 50 years.

The British Society for Social responsibility in Science (BSSRS) was set up in the late 1960's (see Beginnings) by a number of distinguished scientists. There was a National Committee and many groups either directly related, or satellites of the organisation. During the seventies, it changed from 'responsible' to 'radical'.

For many years, the organisation was based in 9 Poland St., London. This building was funded by Joseph Rowntree and housed many 'radical' groups, and was closely linked with other radical science intitiatives like Radical Science Journal and Undercurrents. ( See left hand nav)

Former BSSRS members have now come together to create an archive of BSSRS and the groups which were part of the Radical Science family.  It will provide an organized and complete set of materials for researchers, activists, educationalists and any other agency/individual with an interest in the history of radical science and its relevance for today.  The materials will be brought together and be made available to the public both electronically via a website and in hard copy by host organizations.

Recent summary of BSSRS and Radical Science Movement by Alice Bell in Guardian. This is forerunner of a longer article for Wellcome (Jan 2015) who have also provided an image gallery to go with it 

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May 14, 2014, 6:14 AM