First Hazards Meeting

Notes & Minutes of 1st Meeting Manchester Jan '76

The format from a set of demands in IHAB gets transformed into stories, headings and actions baffles me. But each of us knew what we were doing. I was to co-ordinate for first couple of issues, but then responsibility would go outside London - probably Sheffield. Alan, Pat, & Mike and others wrote pieces; and somehow the format emerged which magically mixed the technical, legal and organisational elements - thereby satisfying many.

Perhaps the most important decision came towards the end of the meeting, when we discussed what to call the magazine. There is a disagreement as to exactly who came up with the statement: "Why dont we call it Hazards Bulletin - after Pat Kinnersleys' book?" I think it was a shop steward from Massey Ferguson, but Seb Schmuller remembers it as the convenor from Shell Carrington. We all agreed the name was good straightaway. And if the name had stayed as IHAB, there would not be any labour movement with that name today. Unlike 'Hazards' which is now know throughout the labour world.

The main game to play with the notes and minutes is as to who each of the initials stand for?

KG, BG, MH, JH, (M Ferg), RC, TF, SP, SS, - , DH, SMc, CC, LN.

Our Aims were: