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We showed how all the goodness is taken out of the grains and was really an exercise in getting "water to stand on end". Associated British Foods served us with a writ saying they "didn't altogether agree with our analysis of the British Bread industry, in particular the description of work hazards in the bakeries”.

In the following folder is a searchable copy of 'Our Daily Bread'. See files (Agricapital's Bread Group Research & Action) below for how it came about and its impact. However you can only access the full document with our permission. We do not want to re-publish it, but pamphlets have always been passed on. So if you ask us, we will give you access.

A group based at UHURU produced a leaflet for a week of action in Sheffield, based around 'Our Daily Bread'.

Here it is 'White Sliced Wrapped' leaflet in files below