Uniform Information

Uniform Information

Uniform Requirements for Tiger, Wolf. Bear and Webelos

What, When and Where to Wear

Cub Scouts should wear either a Class “A” or Class “B” uniform to every scouting event. Class “A” uniforms should be worn to every Pack meeting. Class “A” is also appropriate for almost every other activity including fundraising and scouting events. Class “B” uniform is appropriate for field activities such as camping or other physical outdoor activities.

  • Class “A” –The Cub Scout uniform shirt with patches, solid color shorts, scout belt, scout neckerchief and slide, and scout hat.
  • Uniform shirts must be tucked into shorts or pants at all times.
  • Class “B” (Casual dress) – All of the above, except the full dress shirt is replaced with a Pack T-shirt.

Many of our parents have decided not to purchase the official Cub Scout shorts or pants, which is fine. So any other brand of solid color shorts/pants with pockets and belt loops are required. Multi-color shorts or striped athletic shorts are not permitted.

Uniform Purchase

You can purchase the Cub Scout materials from the Camarillo Scouting store, which is located at 509 East Daily Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010.

Camarillo Scouting Store Information:

Phone: (805) 482-8938
Fax: (805) 484-9172

Scout Store Hours:
9:00am - 5:00pm (Monday-Friday)
10:00am - 2:00pm (Saturday)

You can purchase the items on the web too.


Achievement is Fun

An important component of Cub Scouting is achievement. The Cub Scout Trail will take a young boy from the rank of Tiger to Webelos. Along the way there will be several ranks, various badges, and plenty of awards to be earned. These achievements are designed to encourage Cub Scouts to explore, learn and have fun. Most Cub Scouts are excited and proud to receive awards and the best method to display them is wearing a decorated uniform.

Self-esteem and Self-respect

The uniform not only serves as a display of achievement, it also helps to build self-esteem and self-respect. The uniform is part of the transition from schoolyard boy to Cub Scout. When a scout dresses in uniform, he knows that he will be joining his Den or Pack to have fun and explore. The Cub Scouts are taught to respect themselves and wear the uniform in a manner that reflects that respect. Uniforms encourage proper behavior.

Uniforms are about Uniformity

Another component of Cub Scouting is teamwork and belonging. Uniforms help to identify the scouts as a unit. The Pack and Den numbers are proudly displayed on the left shoulder sleeve, and the scout is identified by rank with the designated neckerchief and badges. Throughout the Cub Scout Trail the scouts will learn that support and encouragement are part of what they receive from the Pack. “The Pack helps the Cub Scout grow and the Cub Scout helps the Pack go.

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