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Cubanapolis is a boy (or girl)-powered, cardboard car race in which the entire family takes an active part. The family does more than cheer - they are his team. They all work together to build the car and to help race it. We will also have races for siblings, who can either borrow their brother's car or make their own.

Note: on the day of our race we will confirm the rules we will follow. The rules below and in the attachment will be followed in general but we may make modifications - ie # of laps, etc.

Pack will provide cardboard boxes

Parents provide:

 -the kids, shoes with laces and socks

 - goggles or glasses so we can clean their windshields

We also need glue, crayons, markers, spray bottles and anything else you need to decorate your cars. straws, water and cups.  This list will be updated upon confirmation on what can be provided by the Pack for you...stay tuned.

Rules & Procedures

1. Make the car from a cardboard box big enough for the driver to stand in. (Hint - the smaller the car the faster the child can go, however, use your imagination.) The car can be decorated and shaped any way you like, and you can add cardboard or other lightweight accessories. You can use crayons, markers, spray paint, or even use up some of that old house paint sitting in your garage to decorate the car (or fire truck, police car, garbage truck - whatever you can imagine.) Keep the car well balanced so it does not tip forward or drag back and keep it as light as possible. BUT - there is no need to be too elaborate or spend any money, since this is just meant to be a fun race, and the “car” will likely be “totaled” by the end of the day, or at least suffer from a fender bender!

2. Hold the car during the race like you were wearing a rain barrel. You can put a hole in the sides for your arms and a hole in the top for your head, or leave the top open and let your arms reach over the sides and hold the box.

3. The race is 4 laps long.

4. After each lap, the driver must make a pit stop.

 The three pit stops will be:

        1.   Clean Windshield (squirt goggles and wipe clean - goggles or glasses provided by parents)

        2.   Change tires (Pit crew unties and then removes shoes, turns socks inside out, puts shoes back on and reties them. 

        3.   Refueling (drink 4 oz. of water through a straw)

5. The Pit Crew consists of ONE member the driver’s family or other adult.

6. Drivers must wear a pair of lace up sneakers (no Velcro!) and a pair of socks. You may want to avoid tight fitting or high-top sneakers.

7. If a tire (shoe) is lost during the race the driver must stop and put it back on.

8. Have FUN!

Joshua Sanders,
Apr 21, 2010, 10:23 AM