Blue Médoc

This tradition started like a lot of the Blue Moon initiatives, a joyful and partway drunk hasher comes up with an idea that goes from completely crazy and unfeasible to completely crazy "let's do it."

For the 2010 edition, the Marathon du Médoc (long run and alcohol, a Blue Moon and hashing classic) organisers had decided to shunt non French residents by forcing them to purchase a dossard and the lodging from their official site. This did not suit us as we like to party hard and need a place of our own. So we decided to not go that year and Nut Bitch suggested that, with all the Blue Mooners spread all over Brussels, surely it should be possible to plot a marathon course with enough wine stops to keep us going through the day.

And that's what he did. Blue Mooners volunteered to welcome each other in their respective homes (like we do for the normal Blue Moons) and have some Médoc wine and munchies ready. All that was left to do was to run the almost 42km.

We started from HH Towers and looped through the city, saved ourselves some kilometres by hopping on a tram and finished by running the last hill and Sentiers de Pins back to HH Towers.

Everyone had loads of fun and it was immediately decided that we should do this again, regardless of the real Médoc marathon attendance. And so we have every year since.

We've experimented with A to B, downtown to suburbs and vice versa, different lengths, etc.

Some elements have become intrinsic parts of the design: Sentiers de Pins, the dinner at HH Towers, the Tram Stop, Nut Bitch calling "FIVE MINUTES!!!".

Numbers have been growing and we've decided to set a maximum of 25 participants for logistics reasons yet we've only reached that number once.