About us

Brussels Blue Moon H3 was born on the 9th of May 2007. The intention was to run occasionally, once in a blue moon, a decent mileage. We're not even sure whether we intended to establish a new Hash in Brussels - probably not. But the idea kicked in and we've suddenly become very regular, meeting weekly mid-week, for a run of anywhere between 5 and 20 km. We sometimes lay trail allowing everybody to run at their own pace and usually have at least two options: Bulls (the crazy ones) and Chickens (the sane ones).

At the beginning the venue was always the HH Towers (Chez Forrest Hole family) and the schedule depended on their availability to host. Profiting from one of their travels, other members started to host and we now meet almost weekly at whoever feels like hosting the BBMH3 in a given week. See Upcumming R*ns for information about the upcuming trails but note that details are often announced only a few days in advance.

We have no mismanagement (though there is non GM and a non Hash Lash), no membership or run fee and hence - no budget.

The run is always followed by a specially crafted Blue Moon Cocktail, on occasion a cocktail of the week and usually some sort of feast, be it a dinner, cheese and wine or nibbles. No one goes home hungry :).

We also go on weekends away from time to time to indulge in our favourite past times such as drinking, gulping food and... you guessed, run.

We've celebrated our 100th, 200th and recently our 300th runs and we've started another crazy tradition... Blue Médoc which will run for the 6th time in 2015.

So get in touch, sign up for the mailing list and come and play with us!