Valve Cover Lifter and Meter Carriers

It can be time consuming and awkard to work on your knees in the street trying to pry a valve box lid out of the ground with a pair of screwdrivers.  The valve lid lifter shown below is a great idea that makes lifting the valve box lid or cover quick and easy with one handed operation. You order a valve lid lifter by emailing me at or call Bruce at 224 715 3699.  You can also order the valve cover lid lifter online here  


The valve cover remover is for picking up valve covers out of the street. (6.5" across the gap or 7" diameter)

The Willis gas meter carrier is designed to be used for lifting and carrying most domestic gas meters equipped with the top inlet and outlet spuds.  It makes carrying a meter quicker and easier than the alternatives.  We've had a good response on these, but it's not universal with some people saying they aren't necessary and others saying that they are great.
If you want to try one of these or purchase some give me a call at 224 715 3699.  We also have a website option for credit card purchases.  Here's the site: