Palm grips for hand tools - great for cold weather

These slip-on foam palm grips are great for hand tools from small crescent wrenches, 14" pipe wrenches, and screwdrivers, up to 18”, 24”, and 36" steel and aluminum pipe wrenches.  These slide over the handles of hand tools and dramatically improve the ergonomics by reducing the hard surface contact with the palm of your hand, reducing the gripping force you need, making it easier to torque or twist the tool, and keeping your hands away from the cold metal during outdoor use in the winter.  They are inexpensive at only $2 each.
These are also good for weather conditions: 
  • For cold weather - Heavy winter gloves increase the gripping force necessary to securely hold hard faced tools, so these grips are a great way to reduce that force, reduce hand fatigue, and risk of injury.  They also help insulate your hand from the cold metal.  It's no fun gripping a steel wrench when its been sitting in your truck all night at -10F, and these grips really help.
  • For hot weather - Dark steel tools can get really hot in the summer sun (over 130 F) and these grips keep your hands away from the hot metal.
  • For rain - these grips work well when it's wet, and are much better than trying to grip wet steel or aluminum.
 The grips are made out of an open cell polymer material that looks like it will last.  It’s washable, but it doesn’t retain water like a sponge.  The material gets a little stiffer at freezing temperatures, but it still works fine.  To put them on just wet the surfaces with water, slide it on, and let it dry. 




The photos above show the Small Palm Grip, the larger grips shown below on my 18" and 24" aluminum pipe wrenches are a different contour and a little thinner but should still provide all the benefits.


For the 14" aluminum wrench I've got the small size, and for the 18" and 24" I have the medium.  The large size also fits 36" and some 24" wrenches


There are three sizes: Small, Medium and Large to fit a wide range of hand tools from small crescent wrenches and screw drivers up to 36” pipe wrenches.  The Small has the contoured shape for easier gripping of small tools and the Medium and Larger sizes are designed so 18” and 24” aluminum pipe wrenches still fit inside my aluminum handle extenders. Item #105, #107 and #109 for Small, Medium and Large. I can get a medium palm grip over a 24 inch aluminum pipe wrench if there is no friction coating on it, but not if there is a friction coating on it.  Without the coating the large size is too big and it's a little loose.  
Here's the feedback I have from one utility  "I put the grips on pipe wrenches and they fit our 18" ones well. Had to put the big grip on a 36'' for it not to slip."  
From another utility:  "The field employees said they would use mostly the small and medium sizes.  We tried to put the medium on the larger (24") wrenches, but it was difficult.  I would suggest that we have available all three sizes, but we would not need to have as many of the large size available."

And from another utility:  "Those grip things are great."
At only $2 each I’d suggest you can get a starter pack of a dozen of the small and medium size, and six of the large.  You want to have enough of these so you don't have to keep putting them on and taking them off tools, just leave them on.

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