Handle Extender for Pipe Wrench


The Pipe Wrench Handle Extenders are a series of four aluminum pipes that are sized to fit 14", 18", 24" and 36" (see 48" below) aluminum pipe wrenches. They work with steel wrenches too. They have a pin to keep the wrench from falling out, and the pipe is weak enough to visibly bend when you're pulling too hard. They are made of aluminum pipe so they are not too strong and they are lightweight. Finally, I've put in either a knurled or machine textured grip so your hands don't slip as opposed to the friction tape Ameren had. The grip won't wear out, doesn't add to the diameter of the grip, and works well when you have wet muddy gloves. If you’re interested in more information or to purchase call me at 224 715 3699, email Bruce@ErgonomicToolDevelopment.com or you can buy them over the web at the sites listed below although it's a little faster and less expensive if you just call or email me.

I've been asked to make an extender for 48" wrenches, so we are working on that now.  We have a design that has passed prelimary bending tests with flying colors, with no permanent deformation with a bending load of 750 pounds.  I'll be sending out a couple of the prototypes for field trials in the next few weeks, so if you are interested please call or email me and I will see about getting you one to try.


 Ameren came up with these extenders to design a safer cheater bar to help reduce wrenching injuries. The idea is being broadly adopted because they are easy to use, the field guys love them, and they reduce the forces on the body by about 60% which reduces injury and fatigue. Ameren did the design work and testing for 14" 18" and 24" aluminum pipe wrenches, but did not do the calculations for a 36" aluminum pipe wrench.  A 36" pipe wrench is really only about 28" long, so you can see why people need extenders.  I have a 36" extender designed specifically for that size wrench which is shown below.  .

The photo above shows the 14", 18", 24" and  36" pipe wrenches inside the handle extenders.


And here they are outside of the handle extenders to show the relative lengths of the tools and handles. The black sleeves on the wrenches are my Palm Grips.  To give a better sense of scale here are all four of the extenders with someone who is 5'3".  From left to right below is the 24", the 18" the 14" and the 36".
The pin holds the wrench inside the handle so it won't slide out when in use.
And here's a close-up of the proprietary machine textured handle, and the knurled grip we came up with. You can get the knurl on all the sizes except the 36", and the machine textured grip on the 24" and 36".  We tested the two grip styles grabbing the tools wearing wet leather gloves with a mix of snow and mud on the handles and they both performed well, so they are really interchangeable.

For those who want to purchase over the web I have all four sizes on the Ionix site.
 There is a full description of the difference between cheater bars and handle extensions below, which I borrowed and adapted from the AGA Ameren presentation.  You'll note the numbers on the amount of improvement aren't the same as the ones I've calculated.  I think you actually get better improvement than they do; about a 60% improvement.

Pipe Wrench Handle Extenders

Ameren Corporation is a large gas and electric utility in Illinois and Missouri.  They have developed a handle extension for pipe wrenches in order to lower the amount of force required for wrenching.  This is done by extending the length of the wrench which increases the moment arm so the same about of torque can be supplied by using less force.   Using less force can help reduce injuries associated with wrenching.  For example, you only have to use about half the force to create the same amount of torque using a 24 inch wrench instead of a 14 inch wrench.

Why is the Ameren Pipe Wrench Extender not just a cheater bar?


Unknown material

Unknown length

Unknown wall thickness

Not secured

No anti-slip grip area

No testing performed

Yield strength unknown

Yield before wrench yields?

“Weak” link?

Handle Extenders

Known material

Known length

Known wall thickness

Secured (pinned)

Anti-slip grip area

Testing performed

Yield known

Visibly bends before wrench yields

“Weak” link

Gas utilities are using three sizes of Handle Extenders for three sizes of pipe wrench: 14”, 18” and 24”.  The handle extender increases the length of the handle of the wrench so that you can apply less force to achieve the same amount of torque.  For example:

To tighten a 1” fitting using these three wrenches requires a different amount of force:

14” wrench you need 64 lbs of force

18” wrench you need 52 lbs of force

24” wrench you need 37 lbs of force

But using the handle extenders you can use much less force

14” wrench with 24” Handle Extender you need only 38 lbs of force

18” wrench with 30” Handle Extender you need only 31 lbs of force

24” wrench with 45” Handle Extender you need only 20 lbs of force

That’s 64 lbs down to 38 lbs for a 14” wrench, 52 lbs down to 31 lbs for an 18” wrench, and 37 lbs down to 20 lbs of force for a 24” wrench.

Other benefits of using the Handle Extender

·         The pipe wrench is pinned into position inside the handle extender so the pipe wrench can’t slip causing an injury.

·         The handle extender has a special non-slip grip so you can grip it more securely with less gripping force.  This lowers fatigue for the muscles in your hand, which reduces the chance of injury.

·         The handle extender is sized properly to the wrench so you reduce the risk of breaking the wrench.  A cheater bar can be too long, making it more likely you'll put too much stress on the wrench.

·         The handle extender is made of standard aluminum pipe with known strength, so it is designed to visibly bend before you break the wrench.  It is the “weak link”.

Proper Use

1)      Make sure your pipe wrench is in good condition and the jaws are clean

2)      Insert the pipe wrench into the proper handle extension and secure it with the “D-clip” pin

3)      Grip the handle extension in the non-slip area for the best grip and to achieve the best leverage

4)      Use your company’s recommended wrenching techniques

Improper Use

1)      Don’t hit the handle extension with a hammer or other tool or your hand, use a gradual steady pull or push

2)      Don’t use the handle extension for non-approved tools,  it is designed specifically for pipe wrenches

3)      Don’t pound the extender onto the wrench handle, it should fit easily.  For some brands of wrenches small adjustments may need to be made so the hole in the wrench meets the hole in the extender.  You can do this by cutting a quarter inch or so off the end of the extender. 

Tests with the 36" extender on steel and aluminum Ridgid pipe wrenches have been good up to 700 pounds of pulling force, which is way above what is recommended. The photos below are of an earlier version, but you get the idea.  If you are interested in the 36" handle extender give me a call at 224 715 3699 or email me at Bruce@ErgonomicToolDevelopment.com