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 Broughton Allotment Association
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Please visit the Facebook group too - there's also a poll there, feedback on what it should ask is requested from you the users :)


Ron Howson's Presentation


Open Day Scarecrow Competition Entries


Broughton War Memorial

More about Broughton War Memorial

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  • Most recent announcements are here with links to further related content.
  • Membership Deals - We're striving to bring you the benefits of membership through deals and offers on much needed gardening products, visit for latest and to check on availability.
  • Visit the 'Resource Centre' to find items when they're archived, contains news articles, information pamphlets/booklets newsletters and minutes of the committee meetings.
  • Please read our Privacy Policy concerning your details and cookies
  • The Constitution for Broughton Allotment Association is deemed an important enough resource to have a dedicated link here on the main page.
  • If you're not sure where something is - there's a search tool to use at the top of the page, Ctrl+F also starts a text search in most web browsers.
  • A sowing calendar has been requested, this one on Suttons Seeds website is quite comprehensive, please provide feedback for continual improvement of what and how we present this resource.
  • Everyone considers an exotic variety at some stage or another - the limitation is usually climatic - most species are categorised by zone, so here is a planting zone diagram for easy reference.
  • Site Portal,
    Interactive Map of Broughton Allotment
     is provided as a way to link your personal web content - like a Facebook profile page, or site where you post on a forum so still retaining degrees of anonymity as desired, or opening the default email client to compose a message to e.g.
  • Theft & Vandalism, due to ongoing concerns there is a page dedicated to this matter as well as APB style updates as & when available to update everybody as frequently & comprehensively as possible 
    Liaison with Ken Bates, Neighbourhood Watch Development Officer
     - details of the meeting.
  • Coffee Morning - the next one booked will appear by it's date in the Calendar here on the main page - further details are provided on this link.
  • Owl boxes -
    It's finally happened :)
    We officially have an owl-in-residence using the box at the SW corner of the site. Kris Smy has spotted and photographed it.
  • Plot 40A was previously left time and time again in quick succession by its tenants deemed 'ungardenable' and is therefore now being developed as a community area.
  • Manure deliveries - These are best done in bulk, and so site users are encouraged to correspond on the matter.  Countryside Pest Control has offered free to collect.
  • Maintenance - The site has areas for all users, the porta-cabin, car parks - even small items like the gate lock require attention from time to time, just to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Seed orders - Diane handles the seed scheme that we operate through our Allotment & Gardens Council membership in conjunction with Dobies.
  • Noticeboard/Notices - An outdoor presentation, a trusty push-pin  board to use in the portacabin, flyers & where they will appear.
  • Portacabin - The First Aid box is now mounted on the 'North/front of plot' corner - soon to be joined by the list of first aiders, and a noticeboard inside is up & running too.
     The safety policy and important notices about membership, equipment etc. are being posted/deployed for everyone's perusal.
  • Swaps / wants & offers - Spread the word, the discussion forum here on the web pages, the board in the porta-cabin, or leave useful items in the recycling bay.
  • Pest control - Taking matters into your own hands is often ill-advised, but there is help available, thankfully the owl boxes are attracting tenants and our other indigenous birds of prey are also being seen in the locality.
  • Seed stratification labelling makes the task a bit easier if you have more than one type of plant and staggered dates to deal with, lots of labels to choose from and print.

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