Conditions of Hire


The Broadstone War Memorial Hall is licensed for Public Entertainment, Indoor Sport and Theatre, as well as for the Sale of Alcohol under certain conditions. To sell alcohol on the premises, the Hall Executive Committee require the Hirer to complete a questionnaire which must be returned to the Booking Secretary in advance of the booking. The Hirer will be provided with the rules under which alcohol is able to be sold – eg, no sale of alcohol is permitted to people under the age of 18, and children under the age of 18 must not be permitted to be in the Hall at the time of alcohol being sold unless accompanied by a responsible adult. 

The sale of alcohol will not be permitted unless the completed questionnaire has been examined and approved by the Hall Executive Committee in advance of the booking date(s). 

The Hall Executive Committee is responsible to the Trustees to ensure that the premises are used strictly for the provision of facilities for the public in the form of responsible organisations and individual parties.

They may use their discretion to refuse lettings for any purpose not in keeping with the normal use of the Hall and within the Regulations set up by the Licensing Authorities.

They have the option to call for a Bond currently not exceeding £200.00 which would be held against the cost of any loss or damage or the necessity of extra cleaning, otherwise refundable.

IT IS THEREFORE REQUIRED that the following Conditions of Hire are strictly adhered to at all times. 

1.     The Hirer will be responsible for the care of the Premises during the hiring period and the good conduct of all persons attending their event.  There should be supervision of all activities, especially functions held for young persons. 

PLEASE NOTE: The car park can be dangerous for children.  Do not let them wander outside without parental control. 

Due regard must be taken of the proximity of our neighbours.  Noise must be kept to a minimum and checking the audibility outside is required to ensure our neighbours are not treated inconsiderately. 

The hours of Hiring must be strictly adhered to. 

2.     No blue tac, sellotape or drawing pins are to be used on the walls or woodwork.

Nothing to be pinned to the stage or window curtains.

No powder or polish to be used on the hall floor.

No nails or screws to be used in the hall premises.  (except on stage by prior agreement.) 

3.     Tables to be wiped clean after use and stacked in the Jubilee Room.

Chairs to be returned to the sides of the hall or to the Jubilee Room as applicable.

All rubbish to be placed either in the receptacles provided, the outside bin and excess to be taken away.

The outside bin must be parked by the tree as per Fire Regulations.

The kitchen to be left clean after use, with all crockery and cutlery being washed and stored away in the cupboards and drawers provided.

Toilets to be left as you would expect to find them in a clean condition. 

4.     All exits must at all times be kept clear of obstructions as per the Fire Safety Regulations. 

5.     Fire extinguishers are for your safety and under no circumstances should be moved or interfered with. 

6.     Damages and Breakages must be reported to the Booking Secretary.  Costs of replacements or repairs will be charged for. 

7.     In the event of an accident occurring within the boundaries of the Hall during the time of hiring, said accident MUST BE RECORDED in the Accident Book, which is located in the First Aid cupboard (duly marked as such) in the kitchen. 

8.     Please ensure all lights are switched off (including toilets), windows closed and doors secured when leaving the Hall.  

9.     The hall is currently insured for Public Liability in the sum of £5,000,000. 

10.  Please note that cancellations must be at least two weeks before the date of your booking.