Who We Are

Breaking Point Solutions, LLC is a small company which for the last decade has been solving complex problems. As a team, we have many accomplishments:.

  • Deliver aligned and cost effective strategies that link product to customer

  • Developed intellectual property supporting over a dozen U.S. patents

  • Managed multiple projects to completion

  • Strategic planning for multiple companies and industries

  • Excellent history of staff retention, typically above 95% per year

  • Due diligence on dozens of companies for multiple purposes such as product investment, partnerships, or joint ventures


"To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."

-Douglas Adams

Nancy DeGidio, Partner
Nancy provides the business operations, analysis, strategic vision, and relationship management functions for our team. She has two decades of expertise with information technology . She has held management roles for nearly two decades. She focuses on process definition, strategic planning and marketing requirements. She adds a cool and critical eye to each problem and excels in coming up with unconventional, cost effective approaches. She is accustomed to simultaneously seeing the 10,000 foot view as well as the viewpoint from the trenches. Her process of asking the right questions guides our team in finding the right answers. She is the moral and ethical compass of our team.

Glenn Fishbine, Partner
Glenn provides the deep technology, mentoring, and technical partnerships for our team.. He has four decades of experience in a wide variety of technologies and has held senior & board positions in several private and public technology companies. He focuses on the technology footprint and strategic planning for new ventures and product introductions and provides leadership and coaching to product and engineering teams. He excels in keeping projects from re-inventing the wheel and finding inexpensive solutions to otherwise complex problems. He has a keen ability to absorb new information and integrate it with a vast library of experience and knowledge.