What We Do

"Though no one can go back and make a brand
 new start, anyone can start from now and make
 a brand new ending."
-Carl Bard
Breaking Point Solutions provides business consulting to small and medium businesses supporting product launch readiness, post launch support, and market expansion. We have performed due diligence on products, teams, and services in diverse industries with diverse markets.  Our skill and experience will help you align your product with your market.
Our services are focused on small to medium “green” companies that are environmentally responsible, toxin free or aware, organic or “natural”, or offering humane approaches to doing business.  We believe in our responsibility, not just to the bottom line, but to each other. 
We target most industries but are especially interested in:

Information Technology Products
  • Software
Whether sourcing a new ERP, developing a product from scratch, or integrating two diverse systems we have the background and experience to shorten the path.  We have executed programs on behalf of global I.T. companies and hammered away at the bit level on microprocessor projects.  Whether your scope is a national service delivery or a process control system, we can source, design, or direct the development of a solution that matches your requirements for the market you choose.
  • Hardware
Being vendor agnostic, we only care about performance, cost, and maintainability. There is no safety in doing the same that others do, unless the solution matches your needs.  Whether scoping the needs of a small department, or the enterprise, in your data center or in the cloud, our network of resources can find the right mix of solutions that minimizes your capital requirements, and maximizes your long term flexibility.

Human, Pet, & Social Services Products
  • We have a preference for working on projects that support the diversity of life on our planet.  If your product or service makes a difference, we're with you at every step.  Little ideas grow big over time, and helping you maximize your reach and impact is what we love the most.

Product Launch Readiness

  • Refining your pitch
  • Product definition
  • Development road map & alternative approaches
  • Core due diligence on technology, product, costs & market
  • Target market definition
  • Identification of your prospects
  • Alpha and Beta product test plans
  • Defining your product lifecycle
  • Creating sales & marketing collateral
  • Sales channel planning
  • Defining sales process, costs, benchmarks and staffing
  • Refining organization structure and capacity to execute according to plan

Post Launch

  • Defining your customer service at varied levels of sales
  • Ensuring your web presence matches your product
  • Error and problem reporting and analytics
  • Problem Tracking and analysis
  • Reducing your maintenance and customer service costs
Market Expansion
  • Product assessment
  • Market assessment
  • Product retirement strategy
  • Product life cycle definition and current position
  • Product modifications required for market expansion(s)
  • Reviewing and fact checking sales and marketing collateral
  • Reviewing sales process, costs, benchmarks, and staffing
  • Developing launch plan(s) appropriate for new market(s)
Post Market Expansion
  • Assess customer support capacity and training
  • Evaluation of competitive capabilities and trends
  • Evaluation of market size & growth potential