Previously Known as GEO Software

Breaking Point Solutions, LLC is excited to share that we have rebranded our GEO Software™ products. Formally known as GEO Map™ and GEO Design™, they are now OptiMap™ and OptiDesign™.  The new brand, OptiExpress™, aligns with the expressoptimizer product access to improve product consistency in our brand and ease of use.

There will be no changes in your support or services. All functionality and capabilities will continue to expand and evolve into the future. We will continue to be flexible and responsive. We will continue to partner with communities that need to improve broadband access and equality.

We are also excited to share our newest team member Roger Morrison who is Leading our Sales and Marketing efforts. Roger brings 40+ years of professional government sales and marketing experience. You can reach him at

The goal of our work is to find ways to better serve our clients and communities. The relationship we have with you is important to us and communicating with you about new things happening at Breaking Point helps keep that relationship strong.

Feel free to contact us at for more information.